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GiveAURL is owned by Leading Edge Gifts LLC, a privately held company based in Gilbert, Arizona that has built a reputation of delighting our customers with innovative products and superior quality and service since 2002.  We now own and operate  www.GiveAshare.com, www.GiveAcaricature.com www.MyFaceIcons.com, and now www.GiveAURL.com , with more on the way. 


As our logo depicts, GiveAURL makes it very easy to  "give the world-wide web" as an innovative gift.  What we mean is that we first enable you to lay claim to a unique and personal domain name before someone else takes it.  Then we have developed gift packages that include cool tangible keepsakes that can be given to the recipient.  As if that is not enough, each package includes the following:   

  1. Free Email Account -they never have to change their email address again

  2. Free Web Hosting - if they want to have a website

  3. Free Starter Web Page

  4. Free Blog

This is all made possible by our partnership with NewAngleDomains.  We bring the gift expertise and they bring the domain and hosting expertise and the result is a totally cool gift idea for the digital age.




GiveAURL team

Leading Edge Gifts LLC team