Unique New Baby Gift - His/Her  Domain Name

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Baby's Name As A Domain Name Gift at GiveAURL.com   
New Baby Domain Name - Premium Baby Frame Package

Baby Frame

 Premium Glass Package Includes:

Registered Domain Name

Personalized Engraved Plaque

Thick Glass Keepsake

Free Email Account

Free Hosting

Free Starter Web Page

Free Blog

Free Do-It-Yourself Gift-note


If the baby's name is available, we register it (ie KacieRoman.com) as a domain name and package it as a unique new baby gift in a personalized baby frame keepsake. 


A Domain Name is a unique web address like oprahwinfrey.com that can be used for a website, for email, or just saved for future use.   Each name is exclusive and once registered, not available to others worldwide. 


This thoughtful gift stakes a claim on the baby's name before someone else takes it.  Whether the baby grows up to be famous or not, he/she is sure to want his/her name for a website or email address.  In the meantime, the parents can post baby pictures or do something else clever. 



Price:  $39


New Baby Gift

Domain Name Examples






















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