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Customer Activation Process:


This page provides step by step instructions and screen prints to help you activate your account.


Completing the activation process is very important:

  1. It records your complete and accurate registration ownership information into the worldwide registry database to prove your ownership and keep others from registering that name.

  2. It establishes your account with  You will use this account to manage and renew your domain name, access  your free services and to add/manage any other web and hosting services that you may desire.


Step 1

Go to and select Create Account (if you happen to already have an account, you can skip to Step 3)




Step 2

Fill in Account Information and click on Create New Account



Step 3

Now that you have an account with New Angle Domains and a Customer Number you can start the activation process by going to and filling out the form. 


Upon submitting the form, you will receive an email that confirms your submission.


Then, within 1 business day, you will receive an email from with detailed instructions on how to complete the activation process.  Please watch for these emails. 



Step 4

Once you receive the Change of Registrant Pending email from you will need to go back to and login to your account with your username (or account number) and password.



Step 5

Once logged in, a window will open with your new account info.  Click on My Account and then in the My Account section, click Pending Account Changes.




Step 6

1.       Click on Incoming Account Changes.




Step 7

1.       Check the domains that you agree to change and then click Quick Accept.




Step 8

1.       Accept the agreements and click OK. The domains will be processed and should appear in the account shortly.




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